2022 National Specialty Judges

Specialty Judge

Ms Gloria Kerr

Gloria Kerr, of Arizona USA, began her interest in dogs as a child and was introduced to dog shows in 1962 with a Golden Retriever puppy named Krishna s Golden Hunter CD or Charlie”. From the acquisition of this single dog grew the love of the both the Golden Retriever and the Dog Show World.

She has since bred and titled numerous conformation champions under the name of Krishna Kennels.  Several famous USA Golden Kennels are founded on her Krishna dogs.  She has bred many champions in Golden Retrievers, Akitas, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Chinese Cresteds. She has shown many of them to Conformation Best In Show and Best In Specialty wins. In Obedience, she had multiple obedience titleholders and also trained for working certificates, (WC) in the field with her Goldens.

 In 1971, Gloria established the Palo Verde Golden Retriever Club of Tucson, was president for several years and taught many obedience and all breed conformation and handling classes. She was on the board of the Tucson Kennel Club and was president and board member  of the Canada Del Oro Kennel Club of Tucson. Most recently she is past President of the Madera Canyon Kennel Club.

Gloria became an AKC licensed professional handler in 1974 and has handled, finished, and specialed dogs in every AKC group.  In 2000 she became an AKC licensed judge and is now approved for Sporting Group, Herding Group, Toy Group, Terrier Group, and Non-Sporting Group along with several breeds in the Working and Hound Groups, Jrs. And  Best In Show. She has judged throughout the world in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia,  Canada, Columbia, Japan, Argentina, Germany, Sweden, and Brazil.

She has been honored to judge Golden Retriever National Specialties in the USA, Korea and Canada, the Akita National, the Brittany National and the Chinese Crested National Specialties in the USA.

Her heart is with the Golden Retriever. She feels committed to bettering the breed by keeping in mind the purpose and origin of the breed. Her concept of the Golden Retriever is best expressed by an old time breeder" who said "Conformation is a map, not a destination. Movement is the final determination of the best conformation”.

Puppy and Veteran Sweeps

Ms. Sandy Mignogna

Ms. Sandy Mignogna has been involved in the sport of dogs since she acquired her first show dog 30 years ago and now breeds Lagotti under the kennel name of Dolce Vita since 2010. Sandy first began learning about the breed in 1997 and traveled to Italy in 2001 to meet with international breeders and consequently acquired her love for the breed. Sandy has since travelled to Italy over 15 times to be mentored by 2 of Italy’s 4 breed specialist judges and renowned breeders and has attended 8 Radunos (National Specialties) and several LR educational seminars. One of Sandy’s greatest accomplishments is her breeding program. For example, Sandy has bred and owned the most accomplished American Lagotto to date, Silver Grand Champion BISS GCHS Dolce Vita Taleggio, AKA Jacques.  He was 2018’s #1 Lagotto who won the LRCA’s National Specialty along with the prestigious award of Best Head, under Italian judge Alessandro Zeppi. Additionally, Dolce Vita Taleggio was Best of Breed at Westminster and Best of Breed at the National Championships. At other National Specialties, multiple dogs Sandy owns and bred have been awarded the prestigious placements of Best of Breed, Best of Opposite, Best of Winners, Select, Award of Merit, Best Bred By, Best Brood Bitch, and 2 Best in Show puppies as well as the honorable awards of Best Head with two different dogs and Best Coat. Sandy’s breeding program has also produced many conformation Champions and Grand Champions in the US and Italy, as well as multiple Dolce Vita dogs titled in various AKC sports and activities. Sandy has also served the LRCA in multiple positions: President, Director, Breed Education Chair, Judge’s Education Committee, Marketing Committee and currently serves as Chair of the Illustrated Breed Standard Committee and as a Judge’s Mentor. Lastly, Sandy had the honor to judge the Canadian club’s Sweepstakes at their first National Specialty in 2016.