2022 National Designated Specialty

with the

Woofstock Dog Show

Advertisement Requests


The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America (LRCA) graciously invites club members to support this year’s National Specialty by the opportunity to highlight your Kennel or Exceptional Dogs thru advertising in the Woofstock Dog Show All Breed Catalog (Vallejo, CA, June 11, 2022).

 Two Size of Ads are Available:

 (a)    Full page (4 ½” by 7 3/16”) Cost Per Page Black/White $100.00

(b)   Half page (4 ½” by 3 9/16”) Cost Per Half Page Black/White $75.00

Photographs are accepted for $15.00 extra to your page size.

Woofstock will not include color Ads in their All Breed Catalog.


Please send your ad to Barry Wagner (LRCA Catalog Chair) at:


Please use the wording WOOFSTOCK LAGOTTO CATALOG AD in your Subject Email Line to Barry Wagner.

Please use the following guidelines for each electronic submission to Barry Wagner:

 • Please do not send any image on a word file.

• Send original photographs (for best reproduction). Photos are subject to cropping.

• Use filename.jpg (400 dpi minimum quality for black and white)

• Use filename.jpg (200 dpi minimum quality for any gray scale)

• No file will be accepted in any ad submissions when using: QuarkPressTM , Microsoft Publisher®, Microsoft®, PowerPoint, etc.

Deadline of Receipt:

 Your Ad must be received prior to April 13, 2022, 11:59 PM ET (Wednesday) to be included in the Woofstock All Breed Catalog. 

 Payment Options:

(a)   Click at the bottom of this page to pay through PayPal or Credit/Debit

(b)    Pay by check (click here for instructions) 

*All ads need to be prepaid to be included in the catalog.

*Ads related to puppies, litters, or dogs for sale are not being accepted for this catalog.


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