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Introduction to Scent for training Truffle Dogs

We are pleased to have Staci O’Toole of “Truffle Huntress” and Truffiere “Tesoro Mio” present our 2022 National Specialty Education Seminar. In addition to learning about the science of scent training there will be a demonstration for those in attendance.

A little bit about Staci:

Staci’s love for foraging began over 25 years ago while studying to become a Biological Sciences Major at The Ohio State University.  After a successful career as an Insurance Executive she was looking to return to her roots and passions of Animals, Nature, Food & Wine.   Unbeknownst to her at the time, her journey to become a Truffle Farmer began for the love of a dog.

She began training Mila Fiore, her Lagotto Romagnolo, to hunt the elusive truffles of the Pacific Northwest. The Truffle Huntress, Mila was a natural, finding her first truffle at the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene at 12 weeks old.  A year later the team was professionally surveying truffle orchards across California.  At one property Mila uncovered a Perigord Truffle in a hazel orchard and their fate was sealed.   Staci began an intensive study of Truffle hunting and farming throughout Europe and the States.  She began rehabilitating the neglected farm, where they found that first Truffle and shortly after they purchased the property.  

Tesoro Mio Truffle Ranch, produces the black Perigord truffle in their truffiere located in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.   Here there is an abundance of award winning wines and agricultural products.  In addition to harvesting truffles for local chefs and clients, the ranch welcomes guests for truffle hunts, gastro-tourism, culinary experiences as well as training owners and their dogs how to become Truffle hunters/huntress.    Tesoro Mio Truffle Ranch has provided Staci the opportunity to share her love of dogs, food, wine and the great outdoors.  

Staci O’Toole                                            Tesoro Mio Truffle Ranch 650-533-9900

Date:  6/10/2022

Location: "The Patio" Woofstock - Solana County Fairgrounds 

Time:  1:30 pm

Cost:  All LRCA Members Free - $10 Non-LRCA Members

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