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Disclaimer:  This is a paid classified listing service.  The breeders on this page have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions in the LRCA Code of Ethics and have completed all health testing necessary to obtain CHIC numbers on the listed dogs.  The LRCA does not supervise, guarantee, recommend, or endorse any breeder. The LRCA is not party to any contracts, nor does it verify information on breeder websites. Information about CHIC and the health testing requirements for Lagotti can be found here.

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Faith Robb

Prescott Valley, AZ

Casa di Marino Lagotto


Angelus Mei Barbelo         CHIC#:  127253

Adrienne Perry & Cubby Lash

Tuscon, AZ

Allegro Lagotto

520-321-0072 or 520-241-4648

Ch Allegro's American Aviatrix RN CHIC #:  116955

GCHB Nostryffelns Ottima Opera RCHIC #:  116524

  Jamie Rosenthal

 Santa Barbara, CA

 Flying Curls Lagotto Romagnolo


     Flying Curls Jeana  CHIC #: 132503

     Flying Curls Jackson  CHIC #: 132504

     Comes Cordis Olympia  CHIC #:  132502

Lisa Sobon




GCH Friendly Lagotto Adriano  CHIC #:  129525

Kimberly McBee

Shawnee, KS

Yellow Brick Road Lagotto


Perfetto Adele         CHIC #:  116795

Elizabeth Williams

Junction City, OR

Wilhaven Lagotto Romagnolo


Wilhaven's Distinctively Rich  CHIC #:  123139

Joy Nachmias

2710 Main Street

Conestoga, PA.

Murmaid Poodles and a Little Lagotto

Perfetto Here For A Good TimeCHIC #:  127081

Christine Mullen

2478 Drinnen Road

Knoxville, TN 

Squisito Lagotto


Pinnon Minna         CHIC #:  131822

Dig'n Designer Bellini   CHIC #:  128373

Judith Martin

Georgetown, TX


Shivaree Giuditta del Tiglio  CHIC # 131676

Jim Talbert

15 N Westover Drive, Poquoson, VA

Lambscreek Lagotto

     Il Granaio dei Malatesta Adriano "Cannoli" 

     CHIC #:  116796

Therese Williams

Bellingham, WA

Montagna del Mare


Montagna del Mare LK ClariceCHIC #:  131673

Montagna del Mare Faythe      CHIC #:  131677

Pattie Fischer

Sequim, WA

Bella Fiore Lagottos


     Gillenias Winston       CHIC#:  133183

     Gillenias Winnipeg       CHIC#:  133186

     DCK Pania Parvati        CHIC#:  133182

     Amanda Dal Molino Rosso     CHIC#:  133184

Paula Wilson

Southworth, WA

Wilson Lagotto (WL)


     WL Augusta Maria Grace Tartufaio  CHIC #:  133777


Melissa Drisdelle

Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada

Fiume Kennels


Apple                 CHIC#:  118569

Nala del Fiume        CHIC#:  123856

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