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Volunteers Needed

Have some extra time and have some extra fun

Volunteer to help!

* We're currently in need of Obedience and Rally Stewards *


Hospitality at Host Hotel

Noon and during afternoon (2 or 3 persons)

Help register and check in at Pearl’s

3:30 pm

Collect dinner tickets at Pearl’s

7:00 pm

Show off Auction items at Pearl’s

8:00 pm

Clean up at Pearl’s

9:00 pm


Obedience Chair

Obedience, Rally & Sweeps Ring Stewards

8:30 am.

Drivers with car to run errands as needed

Helpers to hang banners for dinner

4:30 pm


Helpers to pass out refreshments for Annual Meeting

3:00 pm

If you can volunteer to help, please email Jeff and let him know what times you can help!