Incorrect Coat

While rare, a Lagotto can be born with an incorrect or “short-coat.”  This is an appearance issue and not a health one.  These dogs are perfectly healthy and all Lagotto, but if two “carrier” dogs are mated, it is possible for some of the off-spring can be born with a short, flat coat, and not develop the normal curls associated with the Lagotto.  The puppy’s parents will most likely have normal coats.  This incidence does not become apparent until the dog is 4-6 weeks of age and the hair on the legs, head, muzzle and body will be short and fine, and they do tend to shed.  This genetic mutation is the same one found years ago in the Portuguese Water Dog.  An “improper-coat furnishings” test became available in 2011, and is available from Optigen in the US and Laboklin in Germany.  It is recommended that breeders make sure that at least one dog in the breeding pair be tested “normal” for incorrect coat.  

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