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  • May 03, 2017 10:25 AM | Kendal Walters (Administrator)

    The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America held its 2nd Annual National Specialty in Fort Worth, Texas this year. 

    Full Results Available on the show superintendent's website www.onofrio.com

    JUDGE: Mr Douglas A Johnson

    Best of Breed

    CH GCHS ROZEBOTTEL'S MACK AT GRANDCRU. SR884586/01. 03/18/2015. Dog. BREEDER: KHJG Van Gemert. By Rozebottel's Big Spender-Gleska Goody-Goody. OWNER: Melanie S Steele & Julie Bailey & B Chase & M Wood. AGENT: Rindi A Gaudet, AKC Reg. Handler.

    Best of Opposite Sex/Best of Winners
    ROZEBOTTEL'S CARAMEL BROWNIE. SR958165/01. 12/25/2015. BREEDER: Katrien van Gemert. By Panettone di Terra Incognita CM6-Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe WW-14. OWNER: Katrien van Gemert & Lisa Sobon.

    Select Dog
    CH BORIS. SR964006/01. 06/06/2015. Dog. BREEDER: Maurizio Marcelli. By Noe Del Monte Della Dea-Ursala Del Monte Della Dea. OWNER: Andrea Shaffer. AGENT: Lisa Arnett.

    Select Bitch
    CH GCH DOLCE VITA LIVIA. SR870759/01. 01/18/2015. Bitch. BREEDER: Sandra Mignogna. By Ch Dante delle Gualdarie DAN-Ch Comes Cordis Orcia. OWNER: Sandy Mignogna

    Awards of Merit
    GCH CH NOSTRYFFELNS OTTIMA OPERA RN BN. SR720908/01. 10/27/2011. Bitch. BREEDER: Kristina Gustafsson. By Civetta Dei Boschi D'Oro-Nostryffelns Fiorella. OWNER: Adrienne Perry & Jane Lash

    GCHB CH IL GRANAIO DEI MALATESTA ADRIANO CM2 CGCD. SR782524/01. 11/01/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Monica Benelli. By Bruno Del Monte Della Dea-Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Miranda. OWNER: Carolyn Talbert & Jim Talbert. AGENT: Zack Helmer.

    CH FRIENDLY LAGOTTO ADRIANO. SR943237/01. 08/20/2015. Dog. BREEDER: Szabo Zsuzsanna. By Glesak For Real-Angelus Mei Fola. OWNER: Lisa Sobon & Robert Sobon.

    CH DIG'N SAINTLY ASSISI. SR814593/04. 01/29/2014. Bitch. BREEDER: Robin Morehouse & Sheri Locklin. By Gch Ch Pinon Massaggero Di Pinon CM-OohLaLa's Gucci Guilty RE CGC. OWNER: Robin Morehouse & Sheri Locklin.

    Winner's Dog
    LARCAN'S GRAND FINALE. SR945181/01. 04/25/2016. BREEDER: Lisa Sobon & Robert Sobon. By Rozebottel's Big Spender-Siena. OWNER: Lisa & Robert Sobon

    Reserve Winner's Dog
    FANTASIA ITALIANA DELLA DIG'N. SR909051/08. 11/10/2015. BREEDER: Robin Morehouse. By Arezzo-Ch Dig'n Delicious Cous Cous LM. OWNER: Robin Morehouse & Mary Wolf

    Reserve Winner's Bitch
    PINON MOLINO. SR952183/02. 10/19/2015. BREEDER: Lisbeth S Ransjo & Jackson Shirley. By Meo-Pinon Malva Di Pinon. OWNER: Robin Morehouse.

    JUDGE: Mrs Lynn D Looper
    Best in Sweepstakes
    AMORE'S CAMILLO. SR952342/01. 04/19/2016. BREEDER: Marcello Petricciuolo. By Casper-Fae. OWNER: Linda Campbell

    Best Opposite in Sweepstakes
    ROZEBOTTEL'S CARAMEL BROWNIE. SR958165/01. 12/25/2015. BREEDER: Katrien van Gemert. By Panettone di Terra Incognita CM6-Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe WW-14. OWNER: Katrien van Gemert & Lisa Sobon

    JUDGE: Mrs Nancy D Simmons

    Alexia Robles.47283886005. . CH GCH TERZO KLEO OF GOLDEN COMFORT CM2 CDX TD RE. SR577766/01. 03/08/2009. Dog. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Susanne Tlach-Egger. By Tio Babe's Divino Ti Amo-Klea Emilia Of Golden Comfort. Owner: Adrienne Perry & Jane Lash & Alexia Robles,

    JUDGE: Mrs Lynn D Looper
    LAGOTTI ROMAGNOLI, Puppy Dogs 4 Mos & Under 6 Mos .
    5 ALLEGRO'S LOCK STOCK AND BARREL. SR958083/01. 10/31/2016. BREEDER: Adrienne Perry & Jane Lash. By Ch GCH Terzo Kleo Of Golden Comfort CDX TD-Ch GCHB Nostryffelns Ottima Opera. OWNER: Allison Baker.
    6 ALLEGRO'S BURNIN' THE BREEZE. SR958083/09. 10/31/2016. BREEDER: owners. By Ch GCH CH Terzo Kleo of Golden Comfort RE CDX TD-Ch GCHB CH Nostryffelns Ottima Opera RN BN. OWNER: Adrienne Perry and Jane Lash.

    JUDGE: Mrs Nancy D Simmons
    Novice A.

    182.5 / 1/HT 93 PERFETTO PICCOLA. SR825686/05. 03/31/2014. Bitch. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Andrea Shaffer. By Angelus Mei Cael CM4 CGC-Monica Vitti CGC. Owner: Barry Wagner & Andrea Shaffer.

    Beginner Novice A.
    187.0 / 1 (97)
    ALLEGRO'S NEW ERA CRESCENDO CGC. SR826191/01. 05/16/2014. Bitch. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Adrienne Perry & Jane Lash. By Ch Terzo Kleo of Golden Comfort CDX-Ch Nostryffelns Ottima Opera. Owner: Jim and Amy Dickey.

    Beginner Novice B.

    194.5 / 1 (100) OOHLALA'S GUCCI GUILTY RE CGC. SR635071/02. 07/15/2009. Bitch. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Robin Morehouse. By Swiss Teodoro Of Golden Comfort-Fusilla Della OohLaLa RE CM. Owner: Robin Morehouse.

    Rally Novice B Class.
    092.0 / 1 85 PERFETTO PICCOLA. SR825686/05. 03/31/2014. Bitch. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Andrea Shaffer. By Angelus Mei Cael CM4 CGC-Monica Vitti CGC. Owner: Barry Wagner & Andrea Shaffer.
    076.0 / 2 86 ALLEGRO'S NEW ERA CRESCENDO CGC. SR826191/01. 05/16/2014. Bitch. Lagotti Romagnoli. Breeder: Adrienne Perry & Jane Lash. By Ch Terzo Kleo of Golden Comfort CDX-Ch Nostryffelns Ottima Opera. Owner: Jim and Amy Dickey.

  • March 06, 2017 7:30 PM | Adrienne Perry (Administrator)

    One of the exciting Lagotto items for sale at the National Specialty will be this Lagotto "Roman Coin" pendant in silver. We hope to set up the webpage for prepaid orders soon!


  • November 27, 2016 11:11 AM | Leslie Arner

    Organizational Board Meeting - Members are encouraged to attend!

    Dec. 4 at 5:30 PM  EST

    link to call-in information click here:   (https://lagottoromagnoloclubofamerica35.wildapricot.org/Board-Meeting-Call-in)

  • November 23, 2016 11:07 AM | Leslie Arner

    Thank you all for your continued support of the LRCA. Don't forget to start taking cute photos of your dogs for the 2018 calendar. See you next year. Happy Holidays to All!

  • October 02, 2016 11:56 AM | Leslie Arner

    Nominating Committee Report

    September 30, 2016

    Members of the Nominating Committee: 

    Judith Martin(Chair), John Siperek, Bonita Uhte

    The Nominating Committee is pleased to offer the following nominations for Officers of the LRCA Board for 2017:

    President - Judith Martin of AZ

    Founding President of Lagotto Club of America in 2007, Lagotto owner since 2005.  Exhibitor Breeder since 1993.  Currently serving on Judges' Education Committee,  Editor of the Bollettino, Calendar Committee and Nominating Committee.  Judith has served the Club as Past President, Membership Chair, Health and Education Committee, Awards Committee, among other tasks. 

     Vice President - Susan Sholar of NY

    Currently serving the Club as a Director.  Susan  has been a LRCA member since 2014,  She is an exhibitor breeder, Professional Groomer and was a Certified Professional Handler for over 20 years.  For ten years, Susan served as the President of the California Federation of Dog Clubs.  In this position she spent much of her time in Sacramento walking the halls on legislation that was pet oriented. She is an AKC Conformation Judge in 5 groups and Junior Showmanship in all breeds.  She has served as Recording Secretary, AKC Delegate,  Judges Education Coordinator, along with other activities for the Black Russian Terrier Club of America.  She presently travels the country teaching the AKC Groomer Safety Certification program that she developed three years ago.

    Treasurer - Hilarie Gibbs-Sykes of TN

    Currently serving LRCA as Treasurer.  Hilarie was the first to register the breed with American Kennel Club in 2001.  Exhibitor breeder for 30 years and Charter Member of LRCA.  Hilarie has served on and chaired many LRCA committees including Health, Judges' Education, Breed Standard, etc. and has mentored many new members and breeders.

     Recording Secretary - Pattie Fischer of WA

    An exhibitor breeder for 20 years, showing, breeding and training Lagotti for many years.  Pattie trains dogs for Service Work, Therapy Assistance, and also for hunting truffles & Nose Work.  She is the Executive Assistant to a college president and has served on various Boards.  

     Corresponding Secretary - Michelle Cross of AZ

    LRCA member since 2013, involved in rescue dogs, has two 5 year old Lagotti.  Michelle wants to serve where needed in planning and leadership and also has interest in health and marketing.  She has served on several boards in the past such as non-profit and charitable organizations. Her experience is in real estate, marketing, strategy planning, executive development, and 30 years in human resources and leadership.  

     Director (2 year position) - Roberta York of CA

    LRCA member and exhibitor owner since 2009. Roberta has served on an LRCA Dues and Membership Committee; hosted a "Meet the Breed" in San Diego and is currently on the Lagotto Rescue Board, and serves as Club Legislative Liaison.  Exhibitor Breeder since 1983 and have served on the Boards of San Diego Collie Club, Vice President of American Smooth Collie Association, as well as volunteering for a variety of positions within other clubs.

     Director (2 year position) - Mike Madrid of OR

    Lagotto owner since 2012 and avid truffle harvester. Mike is interested in keeping this breed true to its roots, and keeping it healthy. He  also enjoys obedience and agility.  Mike is a business owner and has served on various Board of Directors. 

     Director (1 year position) - Debi Fischer of OK

    Currently serving LRCA as interim Director and has two Lagotti.  Debi assisted our National Specialty Chair for our first event in 2016, and is working on the 2017 Specialty.  She has been a breeder/exhibitor since childhood, working with her parents, and has since worked in raising, showing and rescuing Irish Wolfhounds.

     Director (1 year position) - Gwen Hubbs of FL

    Owner Breeder of Lagotti for 4 years, Gwen has been involved with other breeds for many years. Gwen brings her experience in business, education, volunteerism in community and religion, combined with her education in Public Relations to work for our Club.

    Additional nominations of eligible members may be made by written petition addressed to the Interim Recording Secretary:  Pattie Fischer,3958 Happy Valley Road, Sequim, WA 98382 and postmarked on or before November 1st, signed by five (5) voting members in good standing and accompanied by the written acceptance of each such additional nominee signifying their willingness to be a candidate.                    

  • September 09, 2016 10:58 AM | Leslie Arner

    The next scheduled meeting will be held on October 9th.

  • September 03, 2016 4:09 PM | Leslie Arner

    A big thank you to all who submitted photos of your Lagotti for the official 2017 LRCA calendar.  We have lots of great images for you to enjoy throughout the year and are including as many different dogs as possible.

    We are offering $1.00 off our price of $15.95 for all calendars ordered before October 15.  You may order as many calendars as you wish (postage is included)  at $14.95.  International orders will also be $1.00 off our regular price of $19.95.

    The LRCA calendars make great holiday gifts and will begin shipping in early to mid-November to arrive in plenty of time for the holidays!  

    Support the LRCA by taking advantage of the pre-order discount by going to the website now and placing your orders.  (add website link).

    Click here to place your order now!

  • July 07, 2016 8:08 PM | Kimberly McBee

    2017 Calendar Picture Request

    Let the Summer Festivities begin!  Including submitting pictures for the much anticipated 2017 LRCA Calendar.   Our goal for our primary fund raiser is to increase sales to help support the clubs mission of providing education, guidance and mentorship to all who are interested in the welfare and advancement of the breed.   

    We, the Calendar Committee look forward to viewing the 100’s of submission received.  Again this year, the owner of the photo gracing the cover will be awarded a calendar and bragging rights for 2017.

     Important details:  All submissions must be received by August 15th.  Please submit a maximum of 5, Landscape (horizontal orientation), high quality resolution photos to lagottocalendar@gmail.com  In the subject line include only the owners name and the dog(s) names so the appropriate credits can be referenced and we can contact you if we have any questions.

    Even more important-legal stuff: Please note that by submitting pictures you are acknowledging that you own the rights to release the images without compensation.

    Hurry don’t delay as we can’t wait to see all your adorable dogs doing all things Lagotto!!

  • May 10, 2016 6:21 PM | Kimberly McBee

    Keepin’ it Special!

    OK, have we made a believer out of you yet? For those of you newly returned from Perry, GA, thank you for your support and confidence. Wash off the road dust, kick up your feet, and take a second to bask in the moment. And for those of you who didn’t get the chance to make the trip, we hope to see you in Ft. Worth in 11 short months.

    Let’s take a minute or two to talk about some of the things you’ll want to know.

    The Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex is the largest metropolitan area in the South with a total of about 7 million inhabitants. Dallas - the easternmost of the pair - is the more commercial, Ft. Worth, the smaller, the more historic and “old guard”. Our show will be held in conjunction with the Ft. Worth Kennel Club which prides itself on a tradition of Texas hospitality stretching back to 1920. DFW Airport is situated squarely between the two and is about a twenty minute drive from the show site and you can get a nonstop flight there from pretty much anyplace on the planet.

    As in Perry, we’ve tried to keep everything in the same corridor so that you won’t get lost - our host hotel, the show site, and the venues for our two meals are all located on University Drive within a two mile spread, but if you’re feeling adventurous and like straying off the beaten path, there’s plenty to do including world class museums, the Bass Performance Hall, TCU, Sundance Square, and the Old Stockyards which to this day serve as a railhead for cattle drives not to mention the renowned “Billy Bob’s”, the world’s largest honkytonk.

    You’ll also find restaurants ranging from fine dining to indigenous cuisine (Joe T. Garcia’s, Torchy’s Tacos, Babe’s Fried Chicken, Rodeo Goat and too many proudful barbecue joints to mention.) Our host hotel is the Hawthorn Suites on University Drive.

    All rooms are large suite configurations (one or two bedrooms available) with a living area and kitchenette and have patios or balconies ideal for setting up an ex pen or crate. The hotel abuts the Trinity River and a good number of the rooms will look out on it with its jogging path and green belt. We’ll be posting the Group Reservation Code as soon as the ink dries on the contract.

    The show site is due North about two miles at the Will Rogers Complex (here’s its link: http://www.willrogersmemorialcenter.com ). We’ll be in the main building, the Amon G. Carter Exhibits Hall (you’ll be seeing that name a lot around Ft. Worth) in the Round Up Inn Ballroom. You’ll find it to be huge and carpeted - truly Texas sized - and the only breed we’ll be sharing it with will be the Sussex Spaniels who will also be holding their National there. Grooming space will be across the hall, there’s an alley that runs along side for easy unloading, and there’s abundant parking directly in front - covered is an option across the street.

    Our specialty date is Friday, March 24, 2017 and it will be followed by two full days of all breed shows - details to follow - and once again Onofrio will be the superintendent. We’ll start with a welcome reception, buffet, and auction again on Thursday evening the 23rd at a venue which we think you’ll find delightful and surprising and less than a five minute walk from the hotel, and we’ll hold our Judges Dinner on Friday after the Specialty at a restaurant located in the heart of the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens - weather permitting, we might even do it al fresco. Some of you have already purchased shirts with the 2017 artwork.

    For those who haven’t, Hilarie still has a few pieces left in long sleeve tees in limited sizes from the first run so give her a call. We’ll also have more surprises in store as we pick up steam. We’ll start posting details pretty soon so keep checking this page.

    See y’all in Ft. Worth!

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